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The following items are projects of HOPE.

The Upward Spiral

Click the link above to see the 57 minute video in its entirety.

$15 for three copies. Includes shipping, handling, and tax if applicable.

Send check payable to: Paul Krafel, 18080 Brincat Manor, Cottonwood, CA  96022


Seeing Nature: Deliberate encounters with the visible world

by Paul Krafel, 1999, Chelsea Green

This book describes a richer way to see the natural world, a way that radiates hope.


Cairns of HOPE

My quarterly newsletter available free on-line.


Ecological Karma

I wrote this article with the editorial assistance of Whole Terrain. Since then, it has been reprinted in the AEOE newsletter and Yoga International.


Two short talks uploaded to YouTube

The complexity of time lags

What flowing water has taught me about dancing with the world

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