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Kayaking at Ahjumawi

Current Issue of Cairns of H.O.P.E.

Three minute conclusion of The Upward Spiral I uploaded to YouTube

My page contains many links reflecting my many interests. My main interest is how nature works as a system (especially flowing water) and the implications and inspirations this has for humans. Our actions can co-evolve with the Earth in a way that either increases possibilities or decreases possibilities. Wisdom is learning how to live in a way that increases possibilities. Hands-On Phenomenal Ecology (H.O.P.E.) is the business title within which I group an assortment of projects devoted to this work. My ongoing explorations of these ideas are published in Cairns of H.O.P.E. which is available on-line for free. These ideas are developed in my book, Seeing Nature: Deliberate encounters with the visible world (Chelsea Green, 1999) and presented visually in my DVD, The Upward Spiral. As Abard Ofgaia, the main character in The Upward Spiral, I give talks to groups. Not so much talks as experiential presentations shaped to the group, the place, and length of time to go as deep as possible.

March, 2009 - Something new. Documentation of soil erosion "plays" over time. Hopefully lots of fun. Keep coming back, especially during the rainy season, and see what's changed.

I helped found and I administer and teach at Chrysalis Charter School. This offers me four special opportunities. The first is exploring just how powerful the learning dance between students and teacher can be. (See article) The second is researching how to help students learn general systems thinking. The third opportunity is exploring how the natural world right around us can be used to help students learn most of the thinking skills schools attempt to teach. And fourth, since Chrysalis is a charter school, can schools be organized more effectively as a bottom-up chaordic organization?     

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