Chrysalis is a free public charter school sponsored by the Shasta County Board of Education serving students from kindergarten through eighth grade. There is no tuition or discrimination. Our school is intentionally small so that we might really and truly know each and every student and help their individual light shine brightly.

We are an “out-of-the-box” school and we embrace “out-of-the-box” kids. Many of our students are gifted in “naturalist intelligence” – the bug and snake and star kids, the systems thinkers, the big picture thinkers. We study science as a core subject, use the outdoors as our classroom on Fridays, go camping twice a year as a community, and much, much more. Many are attracted to our school for other reasons such as our emphasis on deep, conceptual understanding or because of the kindness of our community. 

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Our charter is to our school as the Constitution is to the United States.

The LCAP describes our plan for using the state's money to achieve our goal -- encouraging the light within each student to shine brighter. 

The SPSA describes how we plan to utilize federal Title One funding.

The SARC is published each year to provide parents and the community with a snapshot about each public school in the state. 

The EPA expenditures report demonstrates that sales tax money that comes to Chrysalis goes directly to serving our students.  

Our School Safety Plan describes what we do in order to keep the children in our care safecovering topic including drop-off and pick-up procedures, bus and field trip safety, emergency preparedness, bullying, suicide prevention, and more.

Our policy on Education for Homeless Children ensures that homeless students have access to the same free and appropriate public education provided to other students at Chrysalis.