Newsletter 2017-05-04

Thursday, May 4, 2017

***May the 4th be with you****  (Sorry I couldn't resist.  If you know my son Cam you will understand.) 

Field Study

School News

  • Tomorrow, Friday, May 5th, Redding Christian is hosting a pancake breakfast from 6:30 -8 am behind the gym to benefit their athletic programs. Chrysalis families have been invited to come if they are interested. Asphalt Cowboys will be cooking up pancakes for $5 a plate. You can buy tickets at the door or at the Redding Christian office. Be prepared for the parking lot to be crowded Friday morning.
  • State testing continues this week and next. Please ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast with lasting protein each morning!
  • It’s your last chance to get those RSVPs in for the eclipse camping trip. While all our original spots have been reserved, Irene will try to negotiate additional spaces for those that submit a form by this Friday, May 5. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for a cancellation in order to get a space.
  • There’s lots of excitement next week Wednesday, May 10th. The day begins with a bike parade with a CHP escort from Palo Cedro Park at 8 am. Or simply bring your child’s bike to campus that morning so she or he can enjoy biking during recess and lunch. Then, at 1:50 pm, the King Arthur Flour Bake for Good program will teach 3rd-8th graders about bread baking and how it ties into science, math and reading. Every student who attends will receive ingredients and materials to bake 2 loaves at home, one to keep and the other to send to school on Friday for us to donate to the Good News Rescue Mission. See the flyers that were recently sent home for more information.
  • Talent Show Rehearsal Thursday, May 11th 1:00 for all performers on the back stage. Please show up on time so we can run through the program in order.
  • And of course…the Talent Show is next week Thursday evening. We hope everyone can make it!

Volunteer opportunities

  • Irene is still looking for volunteer for bike to school day. Please sign up to help check bike safety, chaperone the parade, or monitor the first recess.
  • Parent Club will need help for the Talent Show dinner next week. Please contact Cherylyn for more information. cpete220 [at]
  • Thank you to those who attended the coffee with Irene last week! She would still love your input on the LCAP or SPSA. Any time you spend reading or commenting can count towards volunteer hours. See the documents attached here and send your input directly to her.

Hiking Club

We missed last month's hike club do to holidays and a busy schedule. This month is also busy, but they are planning a hike this Sunday at 10am on the Cloverdale Loop Trail. It should be a 1.5-mile hike out to a picnic area. PDF map is attached and the loop is in the bottom left-hand corner.

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy 273 turn onto Clear Creek Road go about 7 miles to Cloverdale Rd and turn right. Go down Cloverdale Rd approx 1 mile to Parking area on right. The parking lot is gravel and there are bathrooms. ( )says..

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Restrooms: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes Bike Friendly: Yes Drinking Water: No

Community Events

  • Palo Cedro Soccer Fall 2017 on-line Registration begins May 20 through June 20th at  See attached flyer for in person registration dates and times. For more information call 547-SOCR
  • Student Scientists!
    Local Bird Walk!        

  What: Get to know your local birds!
  When: 1st Saturday of every month 9:00a.m.~11:00a.m. --------- MAY 6TH! 
  Where: Meet at Venture Properties, first left in front   of the Convention Center
  With: Wintu Audubon Society provides binoculars    and guides 
  Youths must be signed in or accompanied by an adult.
  Just show up or call 941-9539 for information.

    Love and Logic

    First of all I’d like to apologize to the many teachers of my youth who put their heart and soul into trying to maintain order with me sitting in their classrooms. I wasn’t a downright malevolent child. I simply liked to keep things entertaining by continuously testing the sense of humor of my instructors. My tenth grade biology teacher passed the test with flying colors as he reacted to the cadaver frog I’d managed to hang from the ceiling tile above my desk. “Mr. Fay,” he replied with a dry smile, “Life around here would be so dull without you.”
    Like many of my teachers, he managed to see the good in me even when I couldn’t see it in myself. Great teachers are like that. Somehow they manage to use their x-ray vision to spot the gifts in even the most difficult kids. 
    Let's send a big thanks to teachers by helping our kids view them with great respect. A powerful strategy for achieving this goal involves allowing them to overhear us talking positively about their teachers. You’ve probably noticed your children’s eyes glazing over as you’ve tried to lecture them about some essential truth. In contrast, you’ve seen how closely they listen when they see that you’re trying to have a private conversation!
    Experiment with this: At least twice a week intentionally let your children overhear you saying something positive about their teachers. Do this for the rest of the school year.
    Springtime can be tough for both teachers and their students. Keeping things positive can go a long way toward helping your children learn while showing teachers that we appreciate their hard work and dedication.
    Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
    Dr. Charles Fay

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