Newsletter 2017-05-18

Thursday, May 18, 2017

** NO SCHOOL MONDAY -- May 22 is a camping trip recovery day. **

 Field Study

We’re going camping! School is out at 12:30 for all students. The bus will run on a minimum day schedule and Project SHARE is available for students who aren’t going camping.

 School News

  • A HUGE thank you to  Ms. Cheri and all our on-stage talent for such a stupendous talent show  We were all blown away. And a special shout out to Mr. Relph for all hisound system work to ensure everyone sounded their best.
  • Please join us for  our first Science Cafe next week Wednesday, May 24th, 6pm at Good Times Pizza. If you’ve ever wondered about the clean-up work that is ongoing at  nearby Iron Mountain Mine, two amazing speakers will tell their storiesabout working on that project. Brandi Greene is a chemist who led thecientific work on the water and soil sampling. Catherine Low is a structural engineer who helped redesign several key infrastructure pieces  with the project. This is not a boring science lecture but engaging, dynamic stories of real world science taking place right here in Shasta County. (Note: Sorry if the first notice was confusing — the talks are FREE but pizza and beer are not. Food and drink is available to purchasefrom Good Times.)
  • And thank you to all  the students who baked bread this past week for donation to the Good News  Rescue Mission. A total of 48 loaves were baked and delivered.

 Volunteer Opportunities

  • If any parents are in need of meeting their volunteer hours and are available to help with cleaning and organizing  Cheri’s class once school is out, please contact Miss Cheri @ cheri [at] or stop by and see her before school is out.
  • We’ve got several campus fix-up jobs that we need help with too! All may be done on a weekend or after school hours. Please see Irene if you might be able to assist with any of the following tasks:
    • Paint the tetherball poles, basketball pole, and tetherball poles.
    • Touch up the rubberized paint on the play structure.
    • Help Dr. Irene paint a second crosswalk on the west side of the island and drop off zone.
    • Re-mount the sign in front of the school.

Love and Logic

Some of the brattiest kids I’ve ever met have been ones endowed with special gifts from birth. Why? Early in their lives, the adults around them became so enamored by their special talents that they let them get away with sin!   Academically gifted kids are far too frequently allowed to argue and negotiate about how the home or classroom should be run. Athletically gifted kids are too often allowed to break all sorts of rules without being held accountable. Extremely attractive children often learn that they can get their way if they cast the right little look.   The sturdiest homes crumble when built on foundations of sand. Such is the case when we become so distracted by our children’s gifts that we make excuses for their misbehavior. The world is filled with gifted people who live lives of misery. Why? Because they were never expected to struggle for anything, they were always allowed to run the show, and they were rarely held accountable for the problems they created. Just one glance at the lives of many Hollywood “elite” illustrates this point in vivid detail.   Thanks for wanting more for your talented children!    Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.   Dr. Charles Fay

 Upcoming Events

  • Fri, May 19, MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release - for camping  trip
  • Fri, May 19 - Sun May 21, spring camping trip,   Burney Falls
  • Wed, May 24 - 6 pm Good Times Pizza, Science  Cafe!
  • Wed, May 25 - 2:45 pm in Ms. Crystal’s room. Parent Club meeting
  • Mon, May 29 - NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day
  • Tue, June 6 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release - Last Day of School!
  • Tue, June 6 - 6 pm, Graduation!