Newsletter 2017-08-09

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dear Chrysalis Families,

Welcome back to school! We are thrilled to welcome your children to school next week Wednesday, August 16th at 8:30 am in the morning. Please read this notice thoroughly and completely as there is a LOT of information we wish to pass along in preparation for the new school year. If nothing else, please complete this form for each child by Tuesday, August 15th.


The Scariest Moment

The scariest moment of the whole school year happens on the first day of school when the school bus pulls out of the parking lot on its homeward afternoon run. Is there some little child who got on who shouldn't who will be left alone on the bus at the end of the run? Did someone not get on who was supposed to?

There are many new families that we don't yet know, and many families who use the bus who don't use the bus the first few days. Please please follow this link to a very short survey so that we can make sure your child gets home to you safely. If you have several children that attend Chrysalis, please complete the form for each one of them.

Other First Week School News

  • Back to School Work Day  -- Please consider stopping by this Saturday, August 12th anytime 7am - noon for a Saturday work day to make the school beautiful for our students and teachers. Right now, our greatest need is for a few more hands to help finish off our picnic patio. Many hands make light work so thank you!
  • Curbside drop off and pick up — In order to keep traffic moving and keep our students safe, please abide by the following rules.
    • No stopping in red “No Stopping. No Parking” zone.
    • No leaving cars unattended in white “Passenger Loading” zone between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.
    • Please respect the yellow “Bus Only” zone.
    • Please make use of the pedestrian crosswalks.
    • If you have K-3rd graders, and if Irene or Brenda are not yet out at curbside (usually they arrive at 8:10 am), please park your car in the lot and walk your kids to Ms. Alyssa, our fabulous before school staff person, in the morning. She will be out on the playground OR in the new Project SHARE space (in the admin building, just inside the double glass doors past the office). That will help ensure that nobody gets up to mischief in the early morning hours.
  • Parent Club Welcome! — When you drop off your kids on the first day of school, Parent Club will have a welcome booth set up. We hope that you will drop by, meet some parents and staff, and get a snack and coffee to start your day. We will have a list of volunteer activities you can sign up for to get you started on meeting and exceeding 40 hours of service.  
  • Volunteer driver wanted - Dr. Irene is looking for a parent volunteer who can consistently pick up an 8th grade student at Foothill High School every day at 9:20 am and drop the student off here at Chrysalis. This role comes with a guaranteed 40 hours though it takes less than 10 minutes a day! Please let her know ASAP if you are interested. Thanks!
  • Kindergarten early release — Kindergarten is out at 12:30 for the first 2 weeks to help our littlest ones get used to our new school and new setting.
  • Enrollment Packets — Enrollment packets are due on the first day of school. In particular, please make sure that you update emergency contact information, immunization compliance, and any medication authorization forms.
  • First Day Packets — Students will be bringing home a First Day Packet, one per family. Please complete all the forms and return ASAP. Sign up forms for the Annual Sacramento River Rafting Trip will be in there (due Thursday, August 24th). 
  • Lassen Camping — Camping trip forms are due Monday Aug 28. One was sent home with each enrollment packet. Please pick one up at the office if you need a replacement. After Aug 28th, we can only accommodate adding new campers if someone else cancels. (Adding meals is more flexible -- we can add/subtract meals up to a few days before the trip but adding or cancellation is no longer possible once we start shopping.)
  • HOT days — We have plans to help your children cope with the HOT weather expected this August and throughout the year. The kindergarten through 3rd graders will have indoor lunch and lunch recess on days when the temperature is expected to exceed 100 degrees. Older students will have more options on hot days, including an air-conditioned place to escape from the heat.


Other School Reminders

  • Dress code — As stated in the parent-student handbook, our dress code is focused on appropriate appearance and appropriate function for a school that goes out in the field regularly and unpredictably. Thus, despite the heat, please make sure that kids do NOT wear flip flops, spaghetti straps, or shorts/skirts shorter than where the fingertips touch the thighs. Thanks!
  • School rules — It’s always helpful if you can review our School Rules with your children before school starts. Conversations at home about expectations are so important to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Thus, here’s our list of school rules that might be GREAT conversation starters for dinner in the week before school. (What does that mean to you? How could you ____? What would you do if a friend was not ____?)
    • Encourage the light within each other to shine brighter. Be kind. Help others feel included. Demonstrate good sportsmanship. Help others when they need help.
    • Be safe. Stay within the boundaries. Keep hands and feet to yourself, even if it’s just for fun or just a joke. Slow down.
    • Seek peaceful solutions to problems. Get help if you need it.
    • Take care of your school. Leave things better than you found it.
    • Respect everyone and everything around you. Listen to grown ups, they are here to keep you safe and help you learn.
  • Communication - We will be using Parent Square to communicate with you throughout the year. If you login, you can choose to receive messages by text or e-mail, and select between a daily digest or immediate delivery. If there's a family member who would also like to receive notices, just give us their name, e-mail or text message address, and the student(s) they are associated with, and we can get them into Parent Square.
  • Volunteer hour tracking - On a related note, we encourage you to log into Parent Square to record your volunteer hours (there's a tab on bottom of the left hand menu), BUT, by parent request, we will now also log them for you via the parent sign in sheet in the front office. There'll be a new column on the sign in sheet for volunteer hours. Just let us know what you've been up to and how much time you spent and we'll take care of the rest!

Thank you all for being part of our Chrysalis family. We are so looking forward to seeing your children again in just a few days.  

Best wishes,