Newsletter 2017-11-16

Thursday, November 16, 2017

** NO SCHOOL all next week. Happy Thanksgiving! **

Field Study

  • Fri, Nov 17, K-1 Thanksgiving party
  • Fri, Nov 17, 7th-8th Narnia aquatic insects
  • Mon, Nov 27, all day, 4th, 5th and 6th to Viola to study Forest Ecology.  Students who ordered a school lunch for this day will be provided a Field Trip Meal.

School News

  • STEM night is TONIGHT! I hope that most of our  families can make it as it will be a great evening of exploration, community, and discovery. The teachers will all be busy running their  amazing hands-on activities so it is essential that families supervise their children to keep kids safe. Help remind your children that it’s STEM night not a playground - no running, climbing or horse-play please!
  • It's not too late to order school pictures.  If you need more printed or would like to place an order contact the school office(530) 547-9726.
  • Parent club meeting is Wednesday, November 29th at  2:45 in the administration building. Please join this fun group of parents in planning the upcoming Winter Program and other school events.
  • The staff just had cultural competency training and it was really helpful and eye-opening. We proudly serve  children and families of all colors, races, religions, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, family compositions, disabilities, ages, etc. We love each and every one of our unique, out-of-the-box students and work hard make everyone feel welcome. However, we’re only  human and welcome your feedback if there’s something we can do to help us  serve you and your children better. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments to help Chrysalis be more inclusive and      welcoming, please let Dr. Irene know.
  • Also this year, the staff has been participating in  restorative practices training. Restorative practices include a suite of  techniques and strategies that have been shown to reduce bullying, misbehavior, suspensions, and chronic absences in schools. We love many of  the techniques — from strategies that redirect misbehavior to restorative chats that help facilitate conflict resolution between kids that      restorative circles to deal with issues involving large groups of students  or a whole class. You can read more about restorative practices here: or      watch this video that gives a great introduction: tuned for parent info and guidance on how to bring restorative practices  into your home!
  • Picture Make-up Day-  Picture Make-up Day will be Tuesday November 28, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.  

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Miss Crystal is accepting donations of gently used (still working and no cracked screen) iPhones that we can use for cameras during field study and for our reading fluency programs. Donations will count towards parent volunteer hours.

  • Miss Cheri and Miss Crystal are looking for donations of gently used or new items to sell in their class store. Often the students enjoy using their class money to buy gifts for their family members for the holidays. Examples are candles, jewelry, toys, picture frames, dollar tree items, target dollar bin items, ect. Donations can be delivered to Miss Cheri or Miss Crystal’s Room. Cut off date will Dec.12th. Donations will count toward parent volunteer hours.

Upcoming events

• Mon, Nov 20- Fri, Nov 24, NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving holiday!

• Wed, Nov 29, 2:45-4:00 pm, Parent Club meeting

• Wed, Nov 29, 3:30-5:30 pm, Site Council meeting

• Tues, Dec 12, MINIMUM DAY 12:30 release for teacher collaboration

• Thu, Dec 14, 6-8 pm, Holiday Program

• Thu, Dec 21 - Mon, Jan 8 - NO SCHOOL, Winter break!