Newsletter 2018-08-23

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Field Study

Welcome to a new year of field study. Everyone on campus or walking (depending on air quality)! Do you know what field study is for? A few years ago, the teachers wrote up a list of what a Chrysalis kid who has experienced 9 years of field study would know. They would:

  • Feel at home in nature.
  • Have a deep conceptual understanding of scientific ideas that are age-appropriately developed through field experience (e.g. deltas in puddles, life cycles, seasons, lunar cycle, etc.)
  • Know that one can make sense of the natural world through observation, analysis and experiment (uniformitarianism) and will have practiced these skills and grown adept at using equipment, techniques, and critical thinking related to them.
  • Be a systems thinker – coming to know patterns and dynamics that are at play over and over again in a variety of systems.
  • Possess an ethics of stewardship.
  • Have  had similar encounters with other habitats beyond the Chrysalis campus so that they realize similarities and differences.
  • Have  working knowledge of natural and human history.

School News

  • Welcome back to school! Thank you to all the parent club folks who hosted our back to school breakfast AND everyone who came out to the work day to get the campus ready for school AND everyone who has surrounded our Carr Fire impacted families with so much love. How lucky we are to be part of such an amazing community.
  • Sports:      Chrysalis is excited to offer cross country for grades K-8 and volleyball for grades 5-8 this fall. There was a cross country meeting last night (Wednesday). If you missed it, reach out to Ms. Corinne in kindergarten or Ms. Angela in middle school ASAP. There is a volleyball meeting TODAY at 3:15 in the 8th grade corner. Volleyball is open to both boys AND girls this year. Please join us!
  • Camping trip: Our  camping trip is scheduled for September 21-23 at Lake Siskiyou. You  should have received a sign up form in your first day packets. Our camping trips are amazing community events. We cook and eat together in the camp kitchen. Teachers lead fabulous excursions during the day on Saturday. And  we gather around the campfire in the evenings to sing songs and watch the kids perform. You don’t want to miss it! If we are forced to cancel due to  air quality and wildfire concerns, we will make that announcement on the  evening of Tuesday, September 18 and you will receive a full refund.
  • Raft trip: Our rafting trip is scheduled for September 26-28.  This is NOT the same as what was on the website’s school calendar a few  days ago. We decided to move the raft trip back by a month to  increase our chances of good air quality and weather. The rough schedule will be:

• Wed. Sept. 26 AM — Kindergarten and 1st grade Turtle Bay to Bonneyview

• Wed. Sept. 26 PM — 2nd and 3rd grade Bonneyview to Anderson River Park

• Thur. Sept. 27 AM — 4th grade and homeschool Bonneyview to Anderson River Park

• Thur. Sept. 27 PM — 5th and 6th grade Anderson River Park to Balls Ferry

• Fri. Sept. 28 AM — 7th and 8th grade Anderson River Park to Balls Ferry

Look for a sign up sheet coming home in your child’s backpack soon.

  • Safety: The safety of your kids is our #1 priority. A few reminders:
  • In the mornings, if Irene or Brenda is not at curbside to greet your child, please park in the parking lot and then walk your K-3 students to the playground. That ensures that they safely arrive into the care of our before school staff without getting into any mischief on the way. Big kids are welcome to be dropped off at the circle driveway.
  • All parents and visitors should check in at the front office and wear a visitor tag when on campus. This ensures that the front  office has a record of the adults, as well as the children, on campus in the event of an emergency.
  • Our school may experience a variety of emergencies which will require students to evacuate school buildings and the immediate area around them. Fire drills are conducted monthly and earthquake drills are conducted annually. Lockdown drills are conducted three times each year.
  • In the event of an emergency, communication will be sent to families via Parent Square about current conditions. Once the emergency passes, then the Administrator will give families directions about whether classes will resume as usual until the regularly scheduled end of the school day (with normal after school care, pick up routines, and bus schedules) OR whether students will be released in some other manner.
  • If you wish to add a family member or trusted friend to Parent Square to receive school communications, please reach out to anyone in the front office. 

  • Fire update: As  planned, the teachers and school counselor, Ms. Paula, led two conversations about recent wildfires with each class — one focused on understanding the facts and the other focused on developing empathy for peers through story sharing. Our school counselor followed up with any students that seemed to need additional support individually or in small groups. We will reach out to parents and guardians for any students for  whom continued care might be needed. Our focus is to ensure that all  students are equipped with the coping skills they need relative to their current feelings and concerns about the wildfires. Please reach out to Dr. Irene or Ms. Paula if you have any questions, want more information, or need support yourself. We are here for you.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • There’s a Parent Club meeting next week Wednesday, August 29 at 2:45 pm. We would love to include YOU in this fun, dynamic, engaged group of parents. Please put it on your calendar and come join us.
  • Do you have a passion that you  want to share with students in small groups of 4-12 kids? Please consider      teaching an elective. Electives start Sept 4 and go until Thanksgiving  break. Please reach out to Mr. Casey for more information.
  • The big kids have 10 new benches for their lunch area! We are looking for a parent or two who might      be willing to help with bench assembly. This is a great weekend, after school, or evening task. The students have been slowly working away on the project during lunch but progress is slow and we want this kids to be able to start using their new space ASAP. Please reach out to Dr. Irene if you are interested.
  • We are struggling with adjusting a few of the classroom doors so that they shut completely and cleanly. Are you a contractor or otherwise really good at hanging and adjusting doors? Please help us out and do a classroom door inspection. Let Dr. Irene know if you are able to help.
  • The BIGGEST fundraiser for Parent Club is taking place Sept 4-9… the Scholastic Book Fair! The Project SHARE room turns into a bookstore for all our students and then for the public at the Honeybee Festival. But we need your help! Please sign up for a shift at:
  • The front office is looking for some help answering phones from 11:30-4:00 pm. If you are free, even for just a few hours, please let us know. Thanks!

Community Events

KIXE got a donation from Vog masks in children and adult sizes. These masks are cloth material and are washable and fit better.  If you are interested in picking one up for free from KIXE  their address is 603 N. Market St., Redding. Phone: (530) 243-5493.

-Turtle Bay is  gearing up for a Volunteer Info Hour on August 25th at 2:00 pm in the Turtle Bay Museum and are hoping to spread the word to teens aged 13 to 18. Several of their departments are accepting new volunteers in September, and this informal event is a great way to get all the details about those opportunities. Staff from each department will be on hand to answer questions and speak with prospective volunteers one-on-one.  (See attached flyer)

-Healthy Shasta FARM Club Kids ages 3 to 15 years old receive $2 EVERY WEEK September 8 through October 13 to spend on fresh fruits, vegetables or food plants at the Redding Farmers’ Market! To sign up see attached flyer.  

Upcoming Events

• Wed, Aug 29 – Parent Club meeting

• Tue, Sep 4-Sun, Sep 9 -- Chrysalis Book Fair

• Tue, Sept 11 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 teacher collaboration day

• Wed, Sept 12 – Board meeting, 4:00 pm

• Sat, Sept 15 – Chrysalis at the Shasta County Mini Maker Faire

• Fri, Sept 21 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 start camping trip

• Fri, Sept 21 – Sun, Sept 23 - Siskiyou camping trip

• Mon, Sept 24 -- NO SCHOOL - camping trip recovery day

• Wed, Sep 26 - Fri, Sep 28 — Chrysalis rafting trip