Newsletter 2018-09-06

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Field Study 

•K, 1, 2 to Palo Cedro Park
•5 and 6 to Turtle Bay
•Others on campus

School News

Book Fair! - Our amazing book fair is open thanks to the leadership of the Superstar Ms. Sabrina and her small army of amazing parent volunteers. The book fair is open through Sunday and proceeds support the Parent Club.

-Students  scholastic book club orders are due on Sept. 7. Fliers went home a couple weeks ago.

Caught ya being amazing - To reward students for going above and beyond, staff give out “Caught ya being amazing” raffle tickets and hold a monthly drawing for prizes at tree assembly. Around 20 kids came home Tuesday with prizes and there were dozens of tickets left in the bin. Congratulations to all our students that are being extra helpful, kind, and all around wonderful.

Camping trip and Rafting trip - We are really looking forward to our favorite community events of the year! Please return your sign up forms ASAP. And, if this is your first time camping or rafting with us, please join us for our brief 8 am Q&A session on Tuesday, Sept 11. We are really hopeful that wildfires are soon brought under control so that we can safely go… Thanks to all the firefighters, first responders, utility workers, and more that are keeping our community safe.

Cross Country - Thurs, Sept 13 is the first cross country meet for the 4-8th graders, meet begins at 4pm at Mountain View Middle School. Friday, Sept. 14 is the first cross country meet of the k-3 year, and we are sponsoring it! If you are interested in helping our kiddos--and get some volunteer hours, too--please contact Ms. Corinne.

Honeybee Festival - The Palo Cedro Honeybee Festival takes place this Saturday and Sunday, Sept 8 and 9 on our campus. Come enjoy the festivities and book fair if you can. Also, please make sure that your child takes home all their things — backpacks, jackets, lunch pails, etc. There will be hundreds of people on campus over the weekend and we don’t want your child’s belongings to get lost.

•A few School Rule reminders

1.Dress code - Our dress code is focused on appropriate appearance and appropriate function for a school that goes out in the field regularly and unpredictably. Flip-flops, high heels, and bedroom slippers should not be worn. Sandals should have a strap across the heel. Closed toe shoes like athletic shoes should be worn for field studies and is the recommended shoe for everyday wear. In terms of appropriate appearance, there will be no clothing worn that is gang affiliated; is "see-through"; has shoulder straps less than one inch wide; exposes the midriff, torso, or undergarments; is shorter than where fingertips touch the thigh; is sleep wear (except by teacher permission for a class party); has profanity, vulgarity, nudity, put-downs, insulting messages, or offensive pictures or language; promotes violence; or advertises drugs, alcohol, weapons, or cigarettes. An easy remedy to a too-short or too-revealing outfit is to layer shirts, shorts or skirts on top of bike shorts, leggings, or an under-shirt.

2.Birthday parties - In order to avoid hurt feelings, please do not distribute birthday party invitations at school unless every student in your child’s grade is invited to the party. If you would like to get the contract information of your child’s friends, the office staff is happy to assist you. In accordance with our privacy policy, we will ask your permission before giving your contact information to others. Help teach your children the common courtesy of not discussing birthday parties, play dates or sleepovers at school where the kids who were not invited might overhear.

3.Home lunches - Sodas, caffeine products such as coffee and energy drinks, and gum are not allowed on campus for students for the sake of our carpets and picnic tables. (Sodas may occasionally be served at school parties.) Please help remind your children that students are not permitted to share food and drink with one another due to food allergies and safety concerns. We do not recommend sending candy in home lunches because it inevitably makes other students jealous.

Volunteer Opportunities

•Irene is still looking for a contractor to inspect some of our classroom doors. Can you help us?

•The Chrysalis booth at the Mini-Maker Faire needs your help! Time spent collecting nature materials counts for volunteer hours. And if you volunteer at the booth, you get free admission and free snacks at the fair! Please sign up through the parent square notice sent out yesterday.

Love and Logic 

There was a problem on the playground during recess today. Even though it involved only some of the classmates, the entire class was punished with loss of recess for two days. Patty and Wanda were incensed. “Most of us were being good! It’s just not fair for all of us to miss recess,” they told their mothers. “You need to call the teacher and make her change her mind,” they insisted. Wanda’s mother went to the phone, and when the teacher answered said, “Punishing all the kids for what a few of them did just doesn’t make sense. You just need to handle this in a better way. Both Wanda and I think that this is totally unfair!” Patty’s mother called the teacher and said, “I’d like to share what the girls have told me about the recess problem and get your thoughts on it.”

I bet you know which mother’s concerns the teacher was more receptive to hearing and accepting. I visited with this teacher. She told me that Wanda’s mother called first and that she immediately found herself being defensive about the situation. The call didn’t go well. The conversation she had with Patty’s mom went better. She went on to say, “I didn’t feel defensive at all when Patty’s mom called. I liked her opening statement so well that I’m going to be using it in the future when I have to call parents about a problem.” What was that opening statement? “I’d like to share what I’ve been hearing and get your thoughts.” It’s a surefire way to keep the other person from feeling attacked. Learn more of these techniques on our audio, Putting Parents at Ease. It’s all about home/school communication techniques that work for both teachers and parents. Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.

Jim Fay

Upcoming Events 

•Tue, Sep 4-Sun, Sep 9 -- Chrysalis Book Fair
•Tue, Sept 11 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 teacher collaboration day
•Wed, Sept 12 – Board meeting, 4:00 pm
•Thurs, Sept 13- 4-8 xc meet at Mountain View Middle School, 4pm
•Fri, Sept 14- Chrysalis hosts Cross Country at Lake Redding Park
• Sat, Sept 15 – Chrysalis at the Shasta County Mini Maker Faire
•Thurs, Sept 20- 4-8 xc meet at Shasta College 4pm
•Fri, Sept 21 - MINIMUM DAY 12:30 start camping trip
•Fri, Sept 21 – Sun, Sept 23 - Siskiyou camping trip
•Mon, Sept 24 -- NO SCHOOL - camping trip recovery day
•Wed, Sep 26 - Fri, Sep 28 — Chrysalis rafting trip
•Thurs, Sept 27- 4-8 xc meet at Kids Kingdom 4pm
•Fri, Sept 28- k-3 xc meet at Redding School of the Arts, 4pm
•Thurs, Oct 4- 4-8 xc meet at Bethel 4pm
•Fri, Oct 5- k-3 xc meet at Bella Vista 4pm
•Tue, Oct 9 and Wed, Oct 10 - Picture Day!
•Thurs, Oct 11- 4-8 xc finals at Shasta College 4pm
•Fri, Oct 12- k-3 xc finals at Grand Oaks, 4pm