Newsletter 2018-11-29

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Field Study

  • Wed, Nov 28 - 2nd grade to Gaumer’s
  • Fri, Nov 30 - 4th grade to Eskimo Hill in Lassen National Park
  • All others on campus or walking to Palo Cedro Park or Narnia

School News

  • Chrysalis is a rain or shine kind of school. While we will absolutely keep kids indoors if it’s pouring, we will frequently let kids out to play on the playground or take a walk outdoors when the ground is covered in puddles, and sometimes even if a light rain is falling. Thus, please send your children to school in clothing appropriate for the weather. Rain boots are a better choice than sneakers. Sneakers are a better choice than sandals. Please send a rain jacket or poncho, not just a sweat shirt. Thanks!
  • Question: What is an “SST”? Answer: An SST is short for “Student Success Team”. At Chrysalis, we believe that no one of us is as smart as all of us. Thus, we frequently pool our knowledge to help solve problems, including when students are struggling with something academically, behaviorally, socially or emotionally. Let’s say a child hasn’t grown as much as we would expect in math or perhaps has recently become more withdrawn and anxious around peers. If the things a teacher and parent have tried on their own each don’t seem to be working, it’s time to circle the wagons and see if together, as a student success team, we can put our brains together and coordinate our strategies to move in a better direction. At a minimum, an SST would call together the parent, teacher, and either the administrator or the special ed teacher. Other adults that know the child well and might have insight, like a counselor, aide, or social worker may be invited as well. The meeting may be requested by any of these individuals. Thus, if you have a concern about your child’s progress and want to make sure we work together with you to help solve the problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out and call an SST meeting at any time.
  • Parent Club met this week. Dutch Bros is graciously allowing us to run our gift card pre-sale again this year! Pre-order forms are going home this week from teachers, this is an easy way to raise $$$ for our school! 20% of all proceeds stay with our school. So keep that in mind for teacher gifts, that coffee lover in your life, or if you go to Dutch Bros alot on your own. You will get your cards in your students backpack by 12/19. Keep collecting your Boxtops, the winning class will win a class party! Our Holiday dinner is on Dec. 11th. Dinner will be served from 5:00-5:45pm Show starts at 6:30pm. Volunteer signups will be coming out soon! Many hands make light work!! Thank you all for all of the donation's and volunteers for the Fall Carnival!! Barnes n' Noble gift wrapping is also happening!! Friday 12/14 from 10-4. Sign ups coming soon! We appreciate all that you do to support Parent Club!!

Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Dec 11 -- MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- teacher collaboration
  • Tue, Dec 11, 6:00 pm Winter Program dinner and show!
  • Wed, Dec 12 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Thurs, Dec 20 - NO PROJECT SHARE
  • Fri, Dec 21 - Mon, Jan 7 -- NO SCHOOL, Winter break
  • Tue, Jan 8 -- School back in session
  • Wed, Jan 9 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Tue, Jan 22 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- teacher collaboration
  • Wed, Jan 23 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting
  • Tue, Feb 12 - Fri, Feb 15 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- parent conferences
  • Wed, Feb 13 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Mon, Feb 18 - Fri, Feb 22 - NO SCHOOL, February Break