Newsletter 2019-01-31

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Field Study

  • 7th and 8th went to Turtle Bay this Thursday to re-oak the River Trail. KRCR news came along and our students might be on the 6 pm news tonight! Check it out. 
  • Everyone else on campus or walking (please send kids with rain coats and rain boots in case we can slip outdoors when there’s a break in the rain). 

School News

  • Ms. Alysia gave her 1st and 2nd graders a really challenging math problem today: “If you have 5 different colors of candy, how many unique color pairs could you make?” For the first time in 40 years of teaching math, this amazing group of mathematicians solved the problem on their own with an organized list. Organizing data this way is normally something to learn in 4th grade or beyond. Way to go kids! Can you figure it out? What if there were 10 different colors of candy?
  • We had a lockdown drill today while kids were outside at lunch, and it went really well. Your children were superstars at listening to the staff’s directions as they were directed to a safe place to go. We know that our number one responsibility is keeping your precious children safe.  If this were a real emergency, notices would be sent through Parent Square keeping families appraised of what is happening and passing along whatever information we know. In an emergency, please do not call the school until the emergency has passed as it is essential that we keep the phone lines clear for internal communication and for speaking with emergency personnel. Similarly, students are instructed to keep their cell phones off and stowed until the emergency has passed so that they can have their full attention on staff and emergency personnel (so don’t call their cell phones… we’ll call you!).
  • A few families have asked recently why an independent study packet they requested didn’t come home. Our policy states: "Contracts are typically issued for students that are absent due to illness or a family vacation for three or more days. Teachers may extend the number of independent study days or issue a packet for a period less than three days at their discretion.” Thus, packets for that one day a child is home sick is at the discretion of the teacher to issue or not. In a review of the data two years ago, we found that less than 50% of independent study packets for a single day absence were returned completed, compared to over 80% for packets lasting three or more days. We apologize if you were one of these families.
  • Friendly reminder: The earliest that a student can be dropped off in the morning is 7:30.  Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Ms. Corinne is looking for 2 parents to help with the Odyssey of the Mind tournament.  This is a full day commitment, March 2nd, but it is a BLAST!!  It supports our 5 student OM team and all their hard work.  Please contact Ms. Corinne if interested!
  • Miss Cheri is looking for someone to sew 20 dog booties for her upcoming iditarod unit.  Please let Cheri know if you can help out.

Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Feb 12 - Fri, Feb 15 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- parent conferences
  • Wed, Feb 13 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Mon, Feb 18 - Fri, Feb 22 - NO SCHOOL, February Break
  • Wed, Feb 27 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting
  • Wed, Mar 6 - 3:30 pm Site Council meeting
  • Tue, Mar 12 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- teacher collaboration
  • Wed, Mar 13 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Wed, Mar 27 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting