Newsletter 2019-02-07

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Field Study

  • Thurs, Feb 7: 4th grade Logging Conference; 8:30-1
  • Fri, Feb 8: 4th grade Old Shasta (9-1:30)
  • Fri, Feb 8: 7th and 8th - Narnia
  • Fri, Feb 8: 2nd and 3rd grade to Logging Conference 10:00-2:35 Dress for the weather with rain gear and umbrellas, bring lunch unless you ordered a school lunch

School News

  • Next week Monday is a regular school day. Tuesday through Friday are 12:30 release minimum days so that teachers can meet with families. The bus will be on the minimum day drop off schedule. Project SHARE will be open until 6 pm as usual.
  • Please take a moment to complete the family survey and help us help you and your child better! It’s only 9 questions long and will take just 5 minutes but makes a lasting difference to the school. Thanks! 
  • Mr. Paul’s book, Roaming Upward, can be read at <>. Though it contains several stories that have been Ranger Paul stories around our campfires, the book is more than Ranger Paul stories. Here is how he describes it in the book’s foreword.
    “This book completes a forty-five year quest: an unfolding adventure of perils endured and beauty absorbed, of help unexpected and obstacles surmounted, of wisdom received naturally. This wisdom came with a responsibility to share it freely with others; hence the role of this online book in completing my quest. So let me tell you my stories of wisdom received.”

Your students might have mentioned "restorative chats” as a common strategy we use to help students resolve conflict with one another. When conflict, problems, and mistakes happen, students are empowered to take responsibility in solving problems. A restorative chat can be used to help the person(s) that were harmed convey the impact of the damage done to the mistake-maker, and to share what they need for the harm to be repaired. The mistake-maker has the opportunity to acknowledge this impact, respond, and take steps to repair the harm. So what does a restorative chat look like? Here’s the script! The most important thing is to stay calm, stick to the script, and let the kids do the talking. This is not the time to lecture or issue your own take on the happenings. The restorative chat is all about letting the kids do the talking and finding a way to fix things and prevent the problem from happening again. If you try it… let us know how it goes.

  • To Mistake Maker: What happened?
    To Harmed: How does that sound?
    To Mistake Maker: Who else was there?
    • What were you thinking at the time? OR What made you decide to do that? OR What was going through your head?
    • Was it the right thing or the wrong thing to do?
    • Who did you affect when you did that?
    • How were they affected?
    • How has this affected you?
  • To Harmed: What did you think when this happened?
    • How has it upset/hurt/harmed you?
    • What has been the worst thing?
    • What is needed to fix things/make things better?
  • To Mistake Maker
    • What do you think of that idea?
    • How else can you fix this OR  What else can you do to make things better?
  • To Harmed: Is that OK/Do you agree?
    • Is that fair?
  • To BothHow can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?
    • Is there anything else I can do to help?
    • Is there anything else you want to say?

Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Feb 12 - Fri, Feb 15 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- parent conferences
  • Wed, Feb 13 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Mon, Feb 18 - Fri, Feb 22 - NO SCHOOL, February Break
  • Wed, Feb 27 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting
  • Wed, Mar 6 - 10 am fire drill
  • Wed, Mar 6 - 3:30 pm Site Council meeting
  • Tue, Mar 12 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- teacher collaboration
  • Wed, Mar 13 - 4-6 pm Board meeting
  • Thu, Mar 14 - 1:00 pm lockdown drill, some outside, some inside + a complication
  • Wed, Mar 27 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting
  • Tue, Apr 2 - MINIMUM DAY, 12:30 release -- teacher collaboration
  • Mon, April 8 - 3:30 pm Site Council meeting
  • Wed, Apr 10 - 4:00 pm Board meeting
  • Mon Apr 15 - Fri Apr 19 - NO SCHOOL, Spring Break
  • Wed, Apr 24 - 3 pm Parent Club meeting