We are excited to offer several after-school sports teams for our students to participate in. In 2016-17 we had K-3 and 4-8 cross country in the fall and 4-8 basketball in the winter. We hope to add another sport (softball or volleyball) as soon as there is sufficient student interest. Our coaches focus on growing athletic skills and endurance, developing teamwork and cooperation, and fostering a love of the sport, not competition. It makes our hearts sing to see our kids soar athletically whether or not they win.

Here's some information about the numbers of students who took part on each team in 2016-17:

  • K-3rd Girls cross-country: 18
  • K-3rd Boys cross-country: 14
  • 4th-8th Girls cross-country: 7
  • 4th-8th Boys cross-country: 25
  • 4th-6th Girls basketball: 8 
  • 4th-6th Boys basketball: 9
  • 6th-8th Girls basketball: 6
  • 6th-8th Boys basketball: 8

By comparison, here's the school's enrollment in 2016-17:

  • Total enrollment: 215
  • Boys: 116
  • Girls: 99